Slaget om Salajak


A young-adult, historical-fantasy set in XIV century Scandinavia by Swedish author Johan Theorin. Part 1 of the series Krönika om Jarmaland (“The Jarmaland Chronicles”).

I provided illustrations for the cover, map, and chapter headings (the latter remain unused).

Title: Slaget om Salajak
Author: Johan Theorin
Publisher: Bonnier Carlsen, 2018

ISBN: 9789163899164

All illustrations © Filippo Vanzo
Book design by Caroline Linhult.

* in Swedish only

About the Project

When the publisher commissioned the artwork for the project, we discussed the visual style of the interior illustrations and opted for a vintage feeling, vaguely inspired by XV-XVI century European woodcut art and cartography, especially the famous Carta marina by Olaus Magnus.

The chapter headers, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the printed book.

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